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Honey Hole Shrub

Honey Hole Shrub
Honey Hole Shrub
Brand: Pond King
Product Code: SHRUB
Availability: In Stock
Price: $139.00
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Premium Series Fish Habitat

Poly dome with 84 polyethylene limbs at 26″ each.

Promotes survival of juvenile fish.

Never needs to be replaced – will not rot.

Provides a dense 32″ tall x 6′ wide area of cover.

Maximum area for algae and egg attachment.

Lightweight and easy to assemble – no glue!

Environmentally friendly.

The secret to producing big bass is providing plenty of forage for them to eat.  The Honey Hole Shrub™ fish attractor will boost baitfish production, especially with those species of fish that attach their eggs to vertical substrate – this includes fathead minnows, golden shiners, and threadfin shad.  The establishment of shad populations is particularly critical if your goal is to produce double-digit largemouth bass.

The Honey Hole Shrub™ fish habitat is designed for placement in water that is 3' - 4' deep.  This is the area of the pond or lake where small baitfish live and breed and is ideal for fish cover.  The density of the tubes on our artificial fish habitat provides an escape area for smaller fish.  Also, the dome has diamond slots that allow the smaller fish to take shelter inside.  Baitfish have a ready food source from the plankton and insect larvae that cling to the limbs.  The vertical tubes also provide a substrate for the forage fish to lay their eggs on.  This is a three-fold benefit to improving forage production.

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