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Motion Activated Kill Light Feeder Light

Motion Activated Kill Light Feeder Light
Motion Activated Kill Light Feeder Light Motion Activated Kill Light Feeder Light
Brand: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Product Code: Motion Kill Light
Availability: In Stock

If given the option for only “in store pick up” after a large order, please call us at 713-694-7552

Price: $119.00
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The Motion Activated Kill Light® Feeder Light has all the features built in that you have been asking for. We have taken our trusted feeder light and made it better. We have added a high quality PIR motion sensor that will pick up movement from an impressive 360° around the light. 

This new light takes stealth one step further. It not only uses our proven green LED technology, it turns on gradually and slowly increases to full brightness to prevent spooking game. You will still get a 35–40 feet diameter of light under the feeder when placed seven feet off the ground. The light can be operated in motion activation mode or in timer mode. 

In the motion activation mode, the light will turn on when motion is detected. You can set the light to stay on for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes after motion is detected. The light will turn off after the selected amount of time passes once motion is no longer detected. The Kill Light® Motion Feeder Light will stay on if the animal stays active under or around the feeder. This prevents the animals from being spooked by not cycling the light on and off while they are under the light.

In the timer mode, the light will not use the motion detector but instead will turn on once the sun goes down. It will stay on for the selected amount of time. You can set the light to run for 1, 2, 4, 6 or 10 hours after the sun goes down. The light can also be set to run all night, from dusk until dawn, just like our standard model Kill Light® Feeder Light with built-in photocell.

The light runs on four C-cell size batteries or can be run off of a 6 Volt or 12 Volt feeder battery with the included power cord. Can be hooked to your existing feeder battery with a solar panel for maintenance-free operation. Light includes extremely strong built-in magnets for quick portable attachment to the bottom of a metal feeder or control unit. Also includes three quick clips for attaching to a varmint cage or hanging from a limb over a bait pile or use the supplied self-tapping screws for more permanent mounting. Also can be used with our optional 200 yard Kill Light® wireless remote system for turning the light on when needed, and the light will turn on gradually and become fully bright after 45 seconds of being turned on. No more spooked game when turning the light on while there is activity directly under the feeder. Light them up slowly and take your shot before they even know they are exposed.

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