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Kill Light XLR250 LED Gun-Mounted Night Hunting Light PRO

Kill Light XLR250 LED Gun-Mounted Night Hunting Light PRO
Kill Light XLR250 LED Gun-Mounted Night Hunting Light PRO Kill Light XLR250 LED Gun-Mounted Night Hunting Light PRO
Brand: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Product Code: XLR250 PRO
Availability: In Stock

If given the option for only “in store pick up” after a large order, please call us at 713-694-7552

Price: $199.95
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Heavy duty and affordable long-range nocturnal hunting system, the Kill Light® XLR 250 PRO Gun Package includes everything you need to hunt after the sun goes down. The XLR 250 PRO gun light in high power, single mode gives you unmatched nighttime visibility. The aircraft-grade aluminum body withstands the abuses almost any hunting 
environment can throw at it. Proprietary true color LED module produces a clean, unfiltered beam that is guaranteed 
to illuminate your entire target at 250 yards with eye shine visible at distances up to 500 yards or more. No gimmicky colored lenses,  just intense colored light.
The visible color spectrum for nocturnal animals can vary, and having the right color can makea difference, especially in pressured hunting areas. The Kill Light® XLR 250 Pro Gun Package utilizes our long range LEDs.
This kit comes with the GREEN LED installed which can be interchanged with the included RED and WHITE LEDs. 
The simple threaded attachment in the bezel head allows for quick removal and installation.
The kit includes our Kill Light® Rapid Scope Mount for quick light-to-scope attachment, barrel mount kit that includes a removable, low profile AR style rail mount for Picatinny-style attachment, dual station smart charger with AC and 12 Volt car adapter, TWO pack of Kill Light® 18650, 2600 m/Ah rechargeable lithium batteries (light requires one for use), a coiled wire tail cap with pressure switch, a coiled wire tail cap with on/off switch, and a standard tail cap that allows for handheld use. The tactical switches attach to your desired location with the included velcro backing.

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