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Illumitacks Game Recovery and Blood Trailing System

Illumitacks Game Recovery and Blood Trailing System
Illumitacks Game Recovery and Blood Trailing System
Brand: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Availability: In Stock
Price: $19.95
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As darkness falls on the hunt, you can rely on the Illumitacks Game Recovery And Safety System.  Find your game day or night with Illumitacks Game Recovery and Safety System magnetic LED tracking lights.  Great for hunting, blood trailing, camping, hiking, trail marking and safety.  You can even put Illumitacks up on a new trail earlier in the day and easily follow the lights in to your new spot the next morning.  Keep a set in your boat in case of electrical failure on the water, or if your trailer lights go out!

Kit contains:

  • ONE solid green Illumitack weatherproof magnetic LED light (for safety and/or marking the first sign of a hit, first spot of blood or the very last place you saw your game when you shot) .
  • FIVE flashing orange Illumitack magnetic weatherproof L.E.D.'s (for marking the next signs of blood and/or establishing animal's line of travel).
  • SIX reusable steel tacks (for use when leaves or foliage is not available).
  • 25 foot roll of fluorescent vinyl ribbon (use for morning shots, late afternoon shots or to mark the trail while still tracking during daylight hours).
  • Top 25 blood trailing tips (to aid in finding your game when all other attempts have failed).
  • Elusive Wildlife Technologies window decal.
  • All contained in a convenient hinged case.
  • Batteries are included and are easily replaceable.

Each included Illumitack LED has an extremely strong magnet built in and another magnetic disc magnetically attached to the back of the LED.  Simply sandwich the desired object between the magnetic LED and the magnetic disc such as leaves, clothing, grass or other objects.  Also attaches easily to metal surfaces, such as barbed wire fences, and includes steel reflective tacks when objects, such as leaves, are not present. Use on fence posts, barbed wire, trail entrances, and hunting blinds to easily locate hunting areas. Illumitacks keep you highly visible when placed on clothes, hats, and guns to ensure your safety while hunting, trailing, or traveling to/from the stand. Never before has such an easy, convenient, and helpful system been put together at such an affordable price!

Some people call Illumitacks by many other names, such as:  flashing tacks, magnetic tacks, ilumitrax, alumitacks, lumitrax, illumitracks, illumitrax, light up tracking tacks, blood tacks, blood trailing lights or blood markers.

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