A Feeder Light Second to NONE!

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"You Can't Camouflage Quality"

The NEW FEEDLITE from Ultramatic Feeders is used to illuminate remote areas at night where animals feed or gather. The FEEDLITE has been designed for long periods of use with extremely low maintenance.   Here's how it looks to the naked eye...

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Using the Ultramatic FEEDLITE, your target may be seen up to 75 yards away with the typical rifle scope, however, many optics manufacturers offer scopes that will greatly increase that distance.

Your feeder light is also excellent for close range bow hunting at night. 


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    Your FEEDLITE easily mounts to flat or rounded surfaces, such as typical feeder barrels.  Self-drilling/tapping screws are included.   Simply bend the mounting ears to fit the contour of your feed hopper.                                        

    For bow hunting, it is suggested you mount your feeder light to a pole between your stand and feeder.  This lets you view the side of the animal and eliminates silhouetting or shadowing. 


feedpol.jpg (33946 bytes)    With the magnification of typical scopes, mounting your FEEDLITE directly to the feeder or pole works well.  Be creative with your mounting to fit your particular viewing needs.

      ALWAYS mount your feeder light so that the solar panel faces south and receives direct unobstructed sunlight to keep the battery charged.  Battery performance is critical for optimum lighting. The battery typically lneeds replacing once a year. With proper charging conditions, your FEEDLITE will stay brightly lit all night long.


    During long periods of non-use, turn the switch from AUTO to OFF as this will increase battery life. Should the LED bulbs become dirty, clean them only with a soft brush and water.

KNOW THE GAME LAWS IN YOUR AREA!! In MOST AREAS, it is illegal to hunt game animals (such as Deer) with the aid of artificial light. In many areas it IS LEGAL to hunt non-game animals (such as Feral Hogs and exotics) with the aid of artificial light.   Check with your local game authorities before using the FEEDLITE. If used for hunting, ALWAYS be sure of your target. ULTRAMATIC FEEDERS and its associates assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.


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